Real Girl | Daisy Giselle


Daisy Giselle



Sexiest Celeb:
Channing Tatum

Favourite Film(s):
Scarface & Resident Evil

Favourite Music:
Everything except country. Lana Del Rey stole me heart in 2012

Games, tattoos, music and food

Men who wax their eyebrows

Mark Meijering

About Me:
My name is Daisy Giselle. Student from Amsterdam.  I spend my days
gaming, studying, or in the gym.

Right now I found a new passion….. Music. Trying hard to get more DJ


Real Girl | Teri




Sexiest Celeb:

Favourite Film(s:)
Grease, Rise of the footsoldier

Favourite Music:
Dancehall, Funky house

Tattoos, food and jagermeister

Fake people, jealous people and bananas

TPMO Images

About Me:
I’m a 26 year old model and full time yummy mummy.
Part of the #famousontwitter brigade, recently featured in Zoo
magazine, determined to get on the front cover of a lads mag

FLIRT Makeover | Michaela Murthwaite

Michaela Murthwaite FLIRT Makeover Interview

Hi Michaela thanks for doing the shoot, why did you feel like you wanted a makeover? I wanted to do the make over to get more experience & show the many sides to my personality. I wanted to do Glamor modeling too, i’ve never had the chance….Looking at my pictures, it was definitely worth it!!

Did you enjoy your shoot with Natasha Worby? I really enjoyed the shoot. I felt so relaxed & once it was over I just wanted to keep going. Just glad I managed to get so many outfits in.

What was your favourite outfit ? Favourite outfit was definately the sexy underwear!! They came out so good! I’d definately do it again!!

Tell our readers about the day: I had a four hour shoot which seems like ages but it flew by!! The outfits & make up started off natural then progressed to sexy & glamor, which I loved. I was given direction on positions that would look great & they definately do!! It was all non stop, as soon as i’d finished one outfit the next was on. It was lot of fun!!

 What do you thik of your makeover pictures? Love my new pictures; I got the variety I wanted and a new experience!!

Would you recommend a  FLIRT makeover to your friends? I’d definately recommend it to a friend. Even if it’s just for yourself, you get a buzz & great results!!

How long have you been a model? I’ve been modeling on a off for a few years now, but because of other things getting in the way I haven’t been able to persue it. Now, i’m ready and wanting to go for it!!

What are your goals? My goals are to do more modeling in all varieties. I like a challenge & be adventurous with what I do, throwing myself into everything I do is what I do best!

Would you go topless? Well topless is something i’d definately do, these pictures are just a warm up!!

Would you consider a boob job if it would help your career? I have considered a boob job so who knows what the future will bring!!

What has been your greatest modelling experience so far? I’ve had a few great modeling experiences because I learnt different things. One shoot I did, I was outside climbing a tree which was fun. But this shoot is definately up there!!

Who would you like to shoot with and why? A shoot with any model would be Dita Von Tease. Not your typical model but she’s in the industry i’m in & has been photographed enough times to be a model. She’s so beautiful with amazing outfits. She never takes a bad picture, as though they are all thought out well in advance.

Model Profile:

Name: Michaela Candice

Age: 24

Location: Peterborough

Eyes: Green/Hazel

Hair: Dark Brown

Weight: 10stone

Height: 5ft 4

Chest: 32

Waist: 28

Shoe size: 5

Dress size: 10

Experience: L’Oreal Hair Show Carlisle, Wedding Show, Peterborough, Stunners Academy Peterborough, Several student based photoshoots Carlisle, Portfolio pictures

Photographer : Natasha Worby

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FLIRT Makeover | Emily Culley

Model: Emily Culley

Photographer: Natasha Worby

Hi Emily thanks for coming to the studio

We don’t really think you needed a makeover but wow you look amazing! So why did you have a makeover? Oh thank you  I love having my hair and makeup done and getting all glamed up so thought this would be a lot of fun.

Did you enjoy the shoot? I loved the shoot, the studio was wicked and the photographer was very helpful and made me feel relaxed.

What was your fave outfit and style? The black lace all in one was my fave outfit I wore in the shoot as its so simple but looks fab.

Do you like your new portfolio pics? Off course there the best pics I’ve got, I’m more then happy with them.

Would you recommend a makeover shoot to your friends? Defo even I’d love to do it again lol

Model Profile:

Model name:Emily Culley



Eye colour:Blue


Weight:8 stone








Level of work: Implied topless

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Real Girl | Kimblee

Name: Kimblee
Age: 20
D.O.B: 01/08/1991
Location: North Lincolnshire, Barrow-upon-Humber
Sexiest Celebrity: Channing Tatum
Favourite Film(s): The Hangover, White chicks, The Inbetweeners, American Pie, Queen of the Damned, House Bunny & The Animal
Favourite Music: Usher, Nikki Minaj, Rihanna, Neyo, Lil Wayne, Jessie J, Beyonce, Birdie, Christina Aguilera
Likes: Strawberrys, Modelling, Dancing, Lollipops, Toned men, Being Tickled, Late Nights, The Sound of Rain, Partying, Shopping, Girlie Nights, Playstation3, High Heels, Rides, Animals.
Hates: Spiders, Liars, Jealousy, Grey Boxers on men, Insects, Mushrooms.
Photographer: David Clic Photography.
A little about myself: I’m a professionally trained dancer/actress and have been since the tender age of three years old, I have now entered the modelling world and heading for world          domination….Well we can all wish can’t we? :P
If I’m not dancing I’m posing for the camera, if I’m not doing that I’m spending quality time with my girls and family and I wouldn’t change it for the world, I guess I’m a lover and not a fighter ;)
I’m very bubbly and probably have the most infectious laugh known to mankind, if I’m laughing…. Everyone’s laughing!
Follow me on Twitter: @Kimblee1

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